How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Everyone has different face shape which creates a character of her or him, and you do. The face shaped can make huge differences toward the options of sunglasses you wear on. You need to know that every face shaped has its own different perfect sunglasses which can perfectly fit to your face and create the best look of it.

Thus, to ensure you can get the best sunglasses one, you should know how to choose sunglasses for your face before you are going to buy it. Why it should be your main consideration? It is to ensure you will not get disappointed toward the options of your sunglasses.

Choose Sunglasses

By knowing the perfect sunglasses shaped for your face, you will get the best appearance whenever you use it. To ensure you get the best deal sunglasses, you just have to follow the things you should do before buying the sunglasses which is you need to know more about your face first.

This is the right way how to choose sunglasses for your face you should know:

– Heart shaped
The characteristic of heart shaped is at the jaw line. You can choose the wider frames on the bottom will work well for this heart shaped like retro square, sport, or cat eye sunglasses shapes.

– Round shaped
The characteristic of the round shaped is widest across the cheekbones as well as more narrow in the jaw line and forehead. For this face shaped, the rectangular, oversized and angular frames will be perfect options like square, cat eye, and retro square sunglasses shapes.

– Oval shaped
For the oval shaped, the characteristic of this shape is longer than the wide and it is the most of versatile face shape which also means you can pull off square or round frames. However, you also should keep in mind that you should choose the sunglasses based on the proportion of your face, don’t choose the bigger or smaller size of your face. The sunglasses shapes you can take are retro square, oversized, and aviator.

– Square shaped
For this face shaped, the main characteristic has wide cheekbones, a wide forehead, and strong jaw. This face shaped is stronger than the other face shaped, so to make this face soften, you can choose the sunglasses with the rimless edges or soft lines like shield, aviator, and round sunglasses shapes.

If you want to get perfect appearance, don’t forget to pick the sunglasses based on your face. If you pick the right sunglasses, you will get the best look while the sunglasses wearing on.

Thus, this is how to choose sunglasses for your face should be followed while you pick the new sunglasses one.

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By following those rules in picking up the new sunglasses for your face, it will lead you to get perfect appearance while you wear the sunglasses on and you can’t get hard in optioning what kind of sunglasses shapes which can match perfectly to your face because you have listed of sunglasses shapes based on your face shaped.

Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands in the World

Everyone has its own different style to attract others by their appearance, including you are. You must have a character which is pointed that is you, everywhere you go. Many people use sunglasses for their completing to their appearance even if it is the myopia one or the stylish sunglasses one, and perhaps you do.

There are thousands options of sunglasses you can take based on what you like start from the ordinary one until the branded one, or the cheap one until the most expensive one.


You just have to pick the sunglasses based on what you need and what you like most. If you love to collect the brand things, you should take the sunglasses brands for your daily activities in outdoor. You just need point out one of them which you like most to ensure you still have chance to collect the brand one.

In picking up the new sunglasses brands, you just have to pick it based on what you like and best for your face, to ensure that you choose the right sunglasses for your face.

There are thousands options brands of sunglasses you can take based on your budgeting and what you like. Of course, the sunglasses with the famous brand of it, the price will get higher than the ordinary one. There are top 10 brands of sunglasses in the world you can consider:

1. Oakley
It is an America’s famous brand with its sexiest design for women and men with its superior quality, perfect grip, and modern designs which make it has high value.

2. Ray Ban
It is the best brand for the old men to keep stylish with this brand.

3. Maui Jim
Its designer use the lenses of mega thin polarized which can protect your eyes very well. This brand is suitable for every event in every season in your area.


4. Fendi
It is famous with the variety of sunglasses, creative designs, and also its newest technology of microfiber which makes the crystal clear vision has improved.

5. Gucci
This brand is most wanted brand for sunglasses with well designed on it which you can use perfectly especially for the evening party.

6. Prada
It is one of the most famous and wanted Italian fashion for men and women.

7. Emporio Armani
This brand’s design has comfortable sunglasses and matchless shapes which can make this brand create its own uniqueness.

8. Versace
It is one of Italian company which has collection sunglasses for men and women.

9. Burberry
It is one of the most wanted British company which offers you the praiseworthy design for men and women.

10. Dolce & Gabbana
It is one of the Italian designer which has the eye catching and unique designs of it.

Those are top 10 of best sunglasses brands in the world you can collect one or more of them.

You just need to pick them up as whatever you want to have to ensure you get the perfect sunglasses for accompany your daily outdoor activities.

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